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Motorized TV Wall Mounts

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low profile tv wall mount
Fireplace TV Mount

This mount offers consumers a solid and affordable choice for over the mantel TV mounting options. A quiet motorized mechanism provides long life with smooth positioning and motion. For the ultimate couch potato, it includes a remote that allows the mounted TV to be controlled from across the room. Memory settings on the remote allow you to save settings and automatically have the mount move the TV to a previously saved viewing position. Fits TVs 37" to 70" inches.

motorized ceiling ttv mount
Flip Down Ceiling Mount

Allows you to mount a TV on a ceiling allowing a convenient and central room location installation. Having the ability to pull the TV down and out for viewing and later retracting it back when not in use provides a cleaner look and more efficient use of living space. Fits TVs 37" to 70" inches.

fullmotion tv wall mount
Flip Down Ceiling Mount SM

Smart Flip Down TV Ceiling Mount is a perfect choice to save space or for room with a low ceiling. The balanced mechanism prevents any ceiling vibrations when the TV is in motion. There are convenient memory settings as well — a brilliant choice for public or home TV viewing. Fits TVs 23" to 55" inches.

Motorized Ceiling Mount


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