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video wall controller
Wyrestorm NHD-400-TX

4K HDR JPEG 2000 PoE Encoder for Matrix & Video Wall function (up to 16x16) with USB Connectivity. CUSTOM VIDEO WALL STYLES Supporting traditional video walls, as well as customizable mosaic video wall styles perfect for building captivating & creative digital signage and modern digital menus. JPEG2000 encoding ensuring distribution integrity and video latency of less than a single frame makes the 400 Series ideal for live environments, such as seminars and conferences, where presenting must be in sync with a video or audio system.

video wall controller and matrix
WyreStorm NHD-400-RX

4K HDR JPEG 2000 PoE Decoder for Matrix & Video Wall function with USB Connectivity & Balanced Audio De-embed. stunning 4K HDR video, 4K/2K auto-scaling, multi-channel audio and audio matrixing to IP with the NetworkHD 400 Series' NHD-400-RX AVoIP decoder. Used in conjunction with a 400 Series encoder, the NHD-400-RX seamlessly handles mixed resolution sources, content and display devices for matrix and video wall functionality up to 16x16 with image rotation and bezel compensation.

Network HD Controller
Wyrestorm NHD-000-CTL

The NHD-000-CTL is the innovative control interface that makes the powerful NetworkHD system the most simple and quickest-to-configure AV over IP system available. The NHD-000-CTL IP controller is designed to be used with NetworkHD 100, 200, 400 & 600 Series systems to bridge the various encoders and decoders to a single, API-based connection point for use by a control processor or the NetworkHD Touch™ App.

Network Stream Device Encoder
WyreStorm NHD-140-TX, NetworkHD

4 input to 4 network stream device encoder compatible with the NetworkHD 100 and 200 Series, an ultra low bandwidth H.264 AV over IP solution for distribution of point-to-point, one-to-many and many-to-many over a managed network. Intended for use with 100 or 200 Series H.264 decoders (sold separately) to provide a complete end-to-end video distribution system. When used in conjunction with the NHD-000-CTL system controller complete control integration is simple.

hdmi splitter
WyreStorm EXP-SP-0104-H2

1:4 HDMI Splitter 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 (4K; 7m/ 23ft / 1080p; 15m/49.2ft) HDCP2.2, EDID and HDMI2.2. H2 features and the same value and reliability found in its predecessor, not to mention a few new tricks up its sleeve! Upgrades to support of the full 18Gbps bandwidth HDMI 2.0 offers; 2160p@60Hz 4:4:4 and support for Dolby Vision™ included. As if that wasn’t enough, the EXP-SP-0104-H2 is now featuring a powerful built-in scaler, allowing users to simultaneously connect a mix of 4K and 1080p displays, which gives the source range to play to its fullest potential!

hdmi over optical cable
TechLogix TL-DA14-F2

1x4 HDMI Splitter -- 4K60 with EDID management and scaling. The need to 'split' an HDMI signal is quite common. In residential applications, splitters are often used for sending a single cable box to multiple displays. In office applications, splitters are often used for sending a single computer to multiple monitors. In education applications, splitters are often used to send a video source to both a desktop monitor and a ceiling mounted projector. There are lots of use patterns, and they all revolve around the need to take a single HDMI source and send it to multiple destinations


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