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low profile tv wall mount
Lutron PD-6WCL Dimmer

Lutron PD-6WCL-WH Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer. Caséta Wireless in-wall dimmer controls lighting loads automatically through wireless sensors and wireless remote controls, providing a system that delivers energy savings and convenience. Comes with Pico Remote.

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Lutron PD-5WS-DV-WH

The Lutron PD-5WS-DV-WH is an in-wall on/off switch from the Caséta Wireless line. It's compatible with many different load types, including 600W incandescent and ELV loads, 600VA MLV loads, 5A LED/CFL lighting loads, and 3A general purpose fans. The Caséta line uses 434 MHz communications to operate.

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Lutron P-PKG1P-WH

Lutron P-PKG1P-WH, Caseta Lamp Dimmer and Pico Remote Kit, White. Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer Switch and Remote Kit: Conveniently control the brightness of your lamps with this plug-in dimmer and Pico handheld remote or app.

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Lutron PD-FSQN-WH, Caseta, Smart Fan Speed Control, White. Experience the ultimate comfort and convenience with the Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control. This fan control gives you the ability to turn your fan on/off or choose between four speeds for increased comfort. Eliminate your pull chains - use with the wireless Fan Pico remote Not Included or the FREE app.

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Lutron LBDG-PRO-2-WH

Smart Bridge Pro Allows for Setup, Control, and Monitoring of Caseta Wireless Devices and Lutron Wireless Shades from a Smartphone or Tablet Using the Lutron App, Plugs into your Wi-Fi Router.

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Lutron PD-REP-WH

Lutron PD-REP-WH, Caseta Wireless Repeater. Extend the range of the smart bridge pro by 60ft. Perfect for homes that need extra range due to unique home layouts, Caseta bridges being in non-central locations, unusually dense walls, etc.


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