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Today we know that no electrical installation is free of brown-outs, interferences and variations in voltage.

Those electrical distribution issues can cause costly damages.
We can help you find the best power protection solution for your equipments, because our job is to protect you from power failure.

Whether itís a single PC, server room, or entire facility we have electrical generators and uninterruptible power supply systems to handle all your electrical needs.

Power Protection Systems

Small Business/Residential



As more and more users access critical data from the office or home over the internet, usage of small UPS systems to keep PCs and internet gateways up and running even during blackouts is spreading.


In the workplace of today more and more companies rely on their computers. Companies can not afford down time  or loss of information due to power outages thus more and more workstations now have their own power protection. 


The classical computer room has given way to numerous distributed technical rooms with rack-mounted servers, internetworking equipment an storage systems that require power protection and high availability features.

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