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GMX series are optimized for gaming. Not only will your machine be built with the latest cutting-edge hardware, but your OS will be tweaked to take full advantage of your hardware specifications... Put Together with high performance and flexibility in mind, our GX Pro Series are powerful workstations & desktops that focus on professional applications such as word processing, financial analysis as well as computer aided design (CAD), digital content creation, computer animation, software development, and more... SiG Spitfire Series Dual/Quad core servers provide cost-effective, Super Fast, Rock-Solid solutions for your network. Choose affordable workgroup servers, multipurpose departmental servers or high-performance enterprise systems.
We can build servers to meet your exact needs.
We carry a great selection of laptops for every kind of user. From those ideal for everyday use to custom high end gamming laptops built on Asus technology.
Each laptop comes with a 30min onsite training.

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