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Professional Home Theater Installations Available On All Home Theater Products Sold By SiG.

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Home Theater Products


Specifications & Price




-2-Way 4" bookshelf/satellite speaker, MMD drivers. -$99 each
-2-Way 5-1/4" Bookshelf speaker, MMD drivers. -$109 each
-2-Way 6-1/2" bookshelf speaker, MMD
drivers. -$149.00 each
-2-Way dual 5-1/4" Floorstanding speaker, MMD drivers. -$229.00 each
-3-Way dual 6-1/2" floorstanding speaker, MMD drivers. -$349.00 each
-3-Way dual 5-1/4" center channel speaker, MMD drivers. -$279.00 each





-2-Way, 5" (130mm) Bookshelf/On-Wall Loudspeaker -$400 Pair
-Woofer/Midrange/Tweeter(2x 5”/-/.75”), • Max.Recommended Amplifier 150 W- $350
CST55 Designed to integrate with the latest flat panel TV. Available in high gloss finish
$350 each


Mirage MX Home Theater System
(High Gloss Black)

Regular Price: $1299
Your Price: $899


Miniature OMNIPOLAR 5.1 Speaker System

Offering “Minimum Exposure and Maximum Excitement,” the MX home theater system delivers big, immersive audio entertainment from our smallest set of speakers yet.

Whether you want to relax to smooth tunes or host a movie screening, our MX home audio speakers serve up some serious wow factor—immersive sound that won’t drown out your décor or intrude upon your everyday lifestyle.

KEF KIT200 Series
Regular Price: $2990
Your Price: $2699
(with Floor Stand Speaker)

Black is back. Black magic - and everything you need in one box. You know you`re in for a treat as soon as you see it. Sleek, but discreet. Packed with clever technology. Glistening like a Steinway grand. Press ‘play`, and the room comes alive.And so do your senses. You`re plunged into a 3-D soundscape of extraordinary depth and textural detail.

You`re in the world of KEF instant Theater - the complete DVD-based 5.1 digital entertainment system that`s specifically designed to match new style flat screen TVs. Powerful enough to make your heart soar, and sensitive enough to hear a pin drop.



JBL SCS145.5B 5.1
Regular Price: $399
Your Price: $299

Complete System 5.1, • Satellites: Woofer/Midrange/Tweeter -/3"/.5”, • Power(W)/Ohms/dB 100/8/86, • Frequency Response 35 to 20 kHz, • H x W x D (inches)/Weight (lb)4.375”x 3.1875”x 3.75”/1.1, • Center: Woofer/Midrange/Tweeter -/2x3”/.5”, • Power(W)/Ohms/dB 100/8/86, • Frequency Response 100 to 20 kHz, • H x W x D (inches)/Weight (lb)3.25”x 7.625”x 3.75”/1.89, Subwoofer: Woofer/Midrange/Tweeter 8”/-/-, • Power(W)/Ohms/dB 100/-/-, • H x W x D (inches)/Weight (lb)15”x 13”x 14”/30

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