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All PCs are not created equal, here is why:

When it comes to buying a PC make sure you are well informed as not all PCs are alike and the parts they have
play a crucial part in their performance.

All computer chips are produced in volume on large silicon wafers (shaped like a flat dinner plate), then individual
chips are trimmed from the wafer and used to make
complete components, such as processors, graphics
cards, modems, network cards, or motherboard chipsets.

In virtually every production yield of chips, some chips
simply run faster or perform better. Itís just how the
silicon formed in the wafer. Manufacturers must test
every single chip to determine itís capabilities, and
sometimes sort the products into different classes or categories. This is especially true with video processors
and cpu's.

The best performing parts demand premium pricing,
and are typically packaged in a retail box with beautiful graphics and shrink wrap to be sold in computer stores
at the higher markup. The slower performers typically
demand a lower price, and are sold in bulk to the large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMís) LIKE DELL, COMPAQ, SONY ie..., who can claim to be using
the same part or model of product as the retail boxed
product, but actually they have a lesser version.
This is the dirty little secret the larger OEM manufacturers donít want the consumer to know. The only time the big
guys use the premium parts is when they are submitting systems to be tested or reviewed by a computer magazine. Those computers get all retail parts, plus hand-built
assembly and tweaking to get the best possible test
results in the magazine review.

becausewe take pride in the systems we build, they
are hand assembled and tweaked to maximize
performance. Using Quality Components reduces
RMAs which makes for happier customers and referals.


When you see systems selling really cheap it means they have OEM and they don't match up to RETAIL.













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