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SiG LAN Party

Gamers Gauntlet


The purpose of the LAN Party is to support the proliferation of LAN and online based gaming in South Florida. SiG will provide a safe, wholesome, and affordable location for gamers to test their skills and systems against each other.

While many LAN based games will be played emphasis on first person shooters like Battle Field 2 will be made.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age or skill level. Come match your skills, drink some java, and get your fill of gamming.  If gamming is not your "thing",  then come sniff packets, write code, and hang out.

To attend our monthly LAN party please feel free to contact us by any of the following: using our support email, phone number,  or contacting the LAN Party cordinator at 786-201-2939 Next LAN Party TBA 2008 Please send email if you intend attending.

 Some Of The Games Played:

BF 2142
Battle Field 2
Call Of Duty4
Counter Strike
Half Life
Unreal Tournament
and many more....

Win Prizes
Win Bragging Rights

Spread the word to all your friends who enjoy PWNING

Gamming Consoles Allowed
X-Box and PS2.



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