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Are you a hot looking lady who's thought about being an escort?

You have thought about the independence...the charm...the glamour and maybe the naughtiness of it all. Everyone has their reasons, but usually it's money.

There's alot of money involved in this effortless job that has flexible hours and even $1,000 per day.

Send us your photo with a brief BIO to butterflypink@yahoo.com and we'll have them instantly.  After a small interview we can start you right away.


We will never put photos on the website until you give us permission.

You don't necessarily have to meet with us. We can do everything by phone and get you started. You can be in any city and in any area. Email us about yourself and how you can be reached. Oh, and it's important to mention that we do not ask any money from you. It doesn't work that way. If we like you on the phone and you check out, then we'll send you on some jobs and see how you like it.

We just need reliable girls for our clients. Our girls make more money than you've ever dreamed.
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