Whether remotely monitoring complex sites, passively monitoring public areas or looking for a a high security covert monitoring system, we have a range of cameras and IP based infrastructure solutions to enable simple and cost effective security detection, controlled access and monitoring.

The development of digital technology for the CCTV market and the consequent deployment of digital networking solutions provides real benefits for the CCTV community. SiG can design and implement, next generation, networked CCTV video delivering a complete CCTV solution.

Our products and services allow you to integrate existing analog products and systems with new digital networking solutions, where appropriate, in order to deliver fit-for-purpose, future-proof CCTV solutions.



Monitor building sites, workplace entrances, confined spaces, and safety conscious areas can all be secured through a range of products to improve safety while reducing vandalism and theft.

You can record it ,transmit it via the internet, and view it from any where in the world. Just CLICK on the cameras image for a LIVE! webcam view.

We carry a full line of monitoring equipment, covert cameras and bugging devices.


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