The A7000 can locally handle up to 2000 valid user numbers, 200 schedules, making the hardware suitable for small to large companies that wish to be more security conscious.
The A7000 ACU provides a means of controlling the secure access of individuals through internal and external doors within a building. The system operates by dedicating one ACU to each door, which provides the maximum flexibility and security. The capabilities of the A7000 ACU allow for restricted access to individual employees at particular times of the day or days of the week, thus preventing unauthorized access. The host PC - with AccessCentre Control Software, collects all the data transferred from the ACU and provides updated validation table downloads at regular intervals. The units log all valid swipes and also invalid attempts
As an extra security precaution, dual card readers can be installed to allow anti-passback ingress and egress. The anti_passback prevents employees from lending their badges to other employees in order to gain multiple access through a single entry point.

In electronic access control, people identified in a database through the use of a unique set of alphanumeric characters. These characters can be presented on ID badges as bar code, magnetic stripe, or Proximity devices.