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Engineering Services


SIG Engineers are experienced in design and project coordination. Our staff will work as a team with the client and all consultants involved to avoid potential field misunderstandings and project delays


We are well-acquainted with this technique which is useful in identifying potential problems related to the design and production processes that have an impact on the use of the product. It is mandatory for the design and for the production processes preparation, and for subsequent modifications. By calculating Risk Priority associated with potential problems, we can greatly contribute to the preventive actions required by clause 4.14 of ISO 9001or ISO 9002.

Short-Circuit Analysis/ Point-to-Point

SIG has computer based customized programs to provide point-to-point lighting calculations for interior/exterior lighting levels as well as short circuit analysis of the electrical distribution system.

Data Wiring Systems

We implement Data cabling systems which provide quality, flexibility and function not only for current needs but also to meet future requirements. Systems need to be designed to support multi-product, multi-vendor environments and should also incorporate the TIA/EIA guidelines. SIG can help you sort through the many types of cables and cabling configurations to assemble cabling documents to provide a better infrastructure that is adaptable to this ever changing technology.


Routers, hubs, bridges, concentrators and servers are some of the devices needed for a local area network (LAN). SIG's information systems department can design and implement any Network requirement as well as maintain them.

Virtual Private Network

We can network your offices any where in the world using Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). We can install A Virtual Private Network that makes it possible to pass private data over a public network, thus simulating a private network without the expense of separate, protected communication media.

Experience And Realiability

Reliability And Know How