The SiG Difference

Our Custom Systems are GUARRANTEED to out perform any COMPAQ, HP, or DELL in its class and give you more pc power for your dollar.  

Desktops, Workstations, Servers, Game Systems, and Laptops.

Their systems are bogged down with Proprietary Software which eat away at your resources and slow the your system down. Ours systems are not. Their Windows OS are not tweaked to take full advantage of the hardware.We tweak each system to maximize performance.
They Provide Psuedo Tech Support which frustrate customers. We don't tell you to pop in a recovery disk every time there is a problem, but rather provide a solution. They use LOW-to-MID Quality Components while we use ONLY MID-to-High and back every system with a 1 year warranty and life time support.
They place you in a ONE-WAY dependency with Proprietary HARDWARE which can ONLY be replaced by them. All our hardware can be replaced by ANY other vender which is why we Provide Real Customer Care. We dare ANYONE to benchmark their systems against ours